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5.december.2008 - My digital photography exhibit "In-Different Light" will be shown at the Center of Contemporary Art Gallery in St. Louis, MO. I will be holding an artist's talk and reception at 5:30 p.m. The exhibit runs though January 18, 2009.

24-26.October.2008 - Association for Research on Mothering (ARM)
12th Annual Conference
York University, Toronto, Canada
Mothering, Violence, Militarism, War, and Social Justice

During the ARM conference in Toronto, I will be presenting my most recent documentary film together with a paper: BREAKING THE BOUGH: MOTHERS AND THEIR CHILDREN FALL FIRST.

My remarks combine clips from my Emmy Award winning documentary WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS, which shows the harm done to children whose mothers are imprisoned for non-violent, drug-related crimes in Missouri. As one grandfather notes in the film: "When you send a mother to jail, you sentence a whole family."

My presentation will focus on the mothers and their children who find themselves enmeshed in the "war-on-drugs" in the USA -- young girls and boys who find themselves virtually orphaned. Like civilians in any war zone, it is the children who are most deprived of educational continuity, the intimate sense of family stability, a sense of "normalcy" in a larger social framework.

20.october.2002 - WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS wins the Mid-America Emmy Award for Best Documentary!

16-18.october.2002 - WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS is presented to the Child Abuse and Neglect Conference (CAN) in Lake of the Ozarks, MO

10.october.2002 - Producer Jill Evans Petzall presents a session on WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS at Missouri Association for Social Workers, in Jefferson City, MO.

16-18 september.2002 - WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS will be screened at the 2nd Annual Toronto Online Film Festival.

14.september.2002 - WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS has been accepted in the Silver Lake Film Festival, 1 p.m., Los Feliz Theater 3

24.july.2002 - DEDICATION will be screened in the St. Louis Filmmakers' Showcase at Webster University's Winifred Moore Auditorium, 7 p.m., as part of the St. Louis Film Festival special summer program.

17.july.2002 - WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS is shown to the Criminal Justice Task Force at Missouri Association of Social Workers (MASW) in Jefferson City, MO.

june.2002 - Roosevelt Jr. is profiled in Todd Olsen's article in Teen People Magazine

4.june.2002 - Roosevelt Jr. receives diploma from Jennings High School.

28.april.2002 - Producer Jill Evans Petzall receives a Henry Hampton Award for Excellence in Film and Digital Media, from the Council on Foundations

18.april.2002 - Roosevelt Jr. and Jill Evans Petzall present a screening and talk "Behind the Camera, Behind the Bars," at University of Missouri, St. Louis, at the Monday Noon Series, and show selections from WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS


11.march.2002 - Jill Evans Petzall presents WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS and a discussion at Penn State University.

20.march.2002 - Jill Evans Petzall presents WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS and a discussion at Southern Illinois Unversity/Edwardsville.

winter.2002 - WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS is featured in a Alina Tugend's article "Tough on Crime, Tough on Children," in Children's Beat Magazine, from the University of Maryland, (publ. by the Casey Journalism Center on Children and Families.) The quarterly issue is devoted to how children are affected when their parents are sentenced to long prison terms. -